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Welcome to Two Egg, Florida!

Two Egg is a small but friendly community in Northwest Florida.
Two Egg is a small but friendly community in Northwest Florida.

Yes, Two Egg is a real place. Located amidst the farms, woods and lakes of Jackson County, Florida, we have no city government, no city taxes, no city services and no city attitudes!

Two Egg is a  where people still wave as they pass, neighbors know and care about their neighbors and life is lived with a touch of Southern charm and hospitality.

Our unique name is a reminder of the difficult days of the Great Depression. You can read more about the naming of Two Egg by clicking here. To make a long story short, though, the name originated because local residents traded farm commodities (such as eggs) for goods from a local store during the Depression era.

Two Egg is the childhood home of Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway; a woman over the age of 100 from Two Egg was one of the first senior citizens to pursue a college degree in Florida, and we even have our own monster, a “mini-Bigfoot” called the Two Egg Stump Jumper!


  1. I am looking for cousins .. Sisters Margie and Ramona Dickenson (maiden names) neices of Buford Ketcham. I think Margie might live there. Thank you for your reply.

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