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Tragedy: Florida DEP Forces Destruction in
Downtown Two Egg!
by Dale Cox
Copyright 2010 by Dale Cox
All Rights Reserved
Heavy equipment destroys historic sites in
downtown Two Egg, Florida.
pieces of property in Florida with some form
of pollution or environmental contamination,
the vast majority of them current or former
gas stations. Forty-seven of these sites are
in Jackson County.

Tragically, it is unlikely that the cleanup any of
these locations will have the impact of a
project forced on downtown Two Egg by the
Florida Department of Environmental
Protection (DEP) and State Legislature.

To put it bluntly, the historic landscape of
downtown Two Egg has been destroyed.

A charming little community known for its two
historic stores and unique name, Two Egg
has attracted visitors and attention from
around the world. It has been the focus of
articles in such publications at Life Magazine
and National Geographic, the book
Two Egg,
Florida, live radio broadcasts and television
specials, including a recent one broadcast to
a potential audience of millions in the capital
city of California.

But now, because of contamination that took
place over the years from underground gas
tanks at the historic old stores, the famed
Two Egg landscape has been destroyed.
One of the two historic store structures, long
known as Lawrence's Grocery, will survive,
although the structure has been at least
temporarily altered. The other is now gone.

The historic John Henry Pittman store,
however, is now nothing but a pile of broken
boards. The old store operated into the
1980s and was a major landmark of Two
Egg. Its state forced destruction can only be
described as a tragedy.

Two Egg, of course, will survive, but the feel
and view so long enjoyed by residents and
visitors alike will never again be the same.
Half of a historic downtown is gone.

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John Henry Pittman's Store in Two Egg.
John Henry Pittman's Store in Two Egg.
Lawrence Grocer in Two Egg, Florida.
Lawrence Grocery in Two Egg, Florida.
Downtown Two Egg, Florida.
Downtown Two Egg, Florida.
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