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Greenwood: Historic Antebellum Community
by Dale Cox
Copyright 2010 by Dale Cox
All Rights Reserved
The Hayes Long Mansion was built in
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Great Oaks was one of the last Greek
Revival mansions built before the Civil War.
Built well after the Civil War, the Willis
House is imposing and beautiful.
The historic Erwin House was built during
the 1830s.
The old Pender Store is one of the oldest
operating business in Florida.
One of Florida's most beautiful and historic
towns is only five miles west of Two Egg on
State Highway 69 (Fort Road).

Founded in 1824, Greenwood is one of the
oldest communities in Jackson County and is
home to one of the best-preserved collections
of historic homes and structures in Florida.
Many are now marked by historical markers
and the historic Pender Store is still open for
business and can be visited during the week.

When Florida was transferred from Spain to the
United States in 1821, settlers flooded into
what is now Jackson County from Georgia and
the Carolinas. A large group of these set to
work carving farms in the level "redlands"
where Greenwood is located today.

By 1824, a surprising number of people had
moved in and the small farms cleared just
three years earlier had already started to evolve
into prosperous plantations. This growth in
population and prosperity sparked the need for
a trading community and Greenwood came into

The little town, which was not immediately
incorporated, was established at the important
crossing of two early trails. One led northeast to
Neal's Landing, an important steamboat port
on the Chattahoochee River near the point
where Florida, Alabama and Georgia meet. The
other was the old Fort Road, which led from
another landing on the Chattahoochee River
west to the Chipola River and Campbellton.

Between 1824 and 1861, Greenwood became
one of the most prosperous and influential
communities in Jackson County. It served as
an important trading community for one of the
richest plantation districts in Florida and many
of the local planters established "town houses"
in Greenwood as their holdings increased in
size and profitability.

The town was home to Union Academy, one of
the first schools in the area, and boasted
mercantile firms, medical and law offices by the
time of the Civil War. Greenwood contributed
heavily to the Confederacy, sending a full
company of local men to the regular army. The
boys at the academy also took up arms for the
South by participating in drills and forming
themselves into a company called the
Greenwood Club Cavalry. Their teacher, Henry
J. Robinson, also served as their captain.

The Greenwood Club Cavalry fought bravely at
Battle of Marianna on September 27, 1864.
One of its officers, Lieutenant M.A. Butler, was
killed and several others serving with the
company that day were killed, wounded and

Greenwood today is a unique and hospitable
community. The town features numerous
structures that are listed on the National
Register of Historic Sites and many others that
probably should be. Among the most popular
are Great Oaks (private), built in 1860; the
Hayes Long Mansion (private), built in 1840; the
Erwin House (private) built in the 1830s and
Pender's Store, built after the Civil War and still
open today.

Greenwood is located at the intersection of
State Highways 69 and 71 in Jackson County,
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